Filmpiece for Bartlett (2010)

A tribute to one of my filmmaking heros, the late Scott Bartlett.

Fragment One (2009)

Abstracta fragmenta seen thru a kaleidoscopic eye.

Autumnal (2008)

A world in autumn; a requiem for lands not yet departed.

Polar (2007)

Arctic as metaphor for body out of balance. Fissures emerge. Mass transforms. The sea falls into itself.

Flow (2005)

A meditation upon the seasonal flow of creeks and rivers in Central Texas, rendered in paint and pixels.

Means and Meditations (2004)

A journey through an imagined inner cosmos, exploring the subterranean, terrestrial and celestial realms.

Floating in the Ether (2002)

The detritus of our data as waking dream. The text of our transmissions. The invisible made visible.

Red (2000)

A companion piece to “Cancer”

Cancer (1999)

Memories of my father.

Disneyland (1998)

A sunny late autumn day. Sun and shadows dance with water in a California wonderland.

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