2 thoughts on “Photo poll

  1. This is a fun portfolio — it made me wish I were following you around for your year. I love the pay-per-viewfinder shot with the skyline in the back. I love the “peace” photo. I can’t pick another fave.
    Were I dumping, I would lose the first bike shot and all the shake and bake stuff. I also don’t love the torn white face. And I can’t figure out what the grape hyacinths are doing in there.
    I wish this was not a video, so I could linger with the photos a little…. wondering if one of the ones toward the end is a big table filled with one-pound lumps of hamburger????

  2. Here we go, just on a gut feeling…

    Like: the chairs, the sky reflected in the puddle, the hands on the side of the green building.

    Don’t like: the fish heads, the paintbrushes, the bikes.

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