Filmpiece for Bartlett


Dedicated to one of the filmmakers who inspired me, Scott Bartlett. The quote is his, as told to author and critic Gene Youngblood in “Expanded Cinema.” Screenings include 2011 Tribeca Film Festival and 2010 Dallas Video Festival.

Filmmaker’s comments
: What you’re looking at is an overhead shot of a fountain pool and part of the wall that contains it. A diagonal shadow cuts across the wall. Much like we project films into a wall, I am using the fountain wall as a “screen” of sorts to “project” hand-painted imagery that I’ve created. The shadow further divides this space, affecting how the image is received. The sequences of hand-painted work become more and more abstract, simultaneously “reflecting” both the water of the fountain and Bartlett’s words. It’s also a “reflection” of my other water-based works, including “Flow” and “Polar,” both of which you can see on my website.

I discuss my work in this interview with

Portions of “Autumnal” were licensed by director Terrence Malick for his 2011 film “Tree of Life.” I was interviewed about this for

4 thoughts on “Filmpiece for Bartlett

  1. Wow! I love the 70/30 split, contrasting movement and synthesized vs. real. Just beautiful. The music makes it a little haunting, like it’s about to explode with life.

    Great work Scott!

  2. I saw your piece because I receive news from Cindy’s CVM regulary.
    Quite interesting, but what does the split mean?
    Are you showing here own work along with that of Bartlett?
    I found Bartlett in my filmdatabase (2 films).


    Bart Vegter.

  3. First impressions (not thought out critique):
    Great quote, love the idea of a Bartlett tribute. Didn’t get the split-screen. I found the transformations on the right side quite stunning, but the weight of the left side seemed to overwhelm them. I found myself wanting/expecting the water to change somehow, or the relationship between the two parts of the screen to change somehow. Agree with ‘Kat’ on the audio. First time here, came from Frameworks link, must check out your other pieces later. Thanks, Scott, for sharing your work.

  4. I’m the son of “Bartlett,” referred to as Adam in 1970, but have since started going by my middle name, Elon. I love your tribute and think that it is very Bartlett-esque. Great job!

    This piece really reminds me of an idea my dad had in the 1990’s, to create a TV station that coupled ambient music with ambient visuals, mainly in the form of live feeds of nature scenes. He wanted there to be live camera crews capturing trees gently rustling in the breeze, clouds morphing the sky… and I know he would have loved reflections shimmering in a fountain.

    I like your soundscape too. My only critiques are that the quote is so broken apart that I can’t remember what it is. That does FEEL like something my dad would have done, but as a viewer, I find it off-putting. Finally, I really like Ramdass’ suggestion: if the relationship between the two sides changed throughout, then we’d have one more visual element to capture our attention, without substantially changing the look-and-feel of the screen.

    I found this because someone on the Frameworks listserve forwarded it to me. I really appreciate that she did, and that you posted your work for us to see!

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