Brooklyn Utopias Farm City proposal


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Eagle Street Rooftop Farms in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, is located on the roof of a former bagel factory at the northern end of a neighborhood that has traditionally been a base for light manufacturing, warehousing and petrochemical storage. The farm functions not only as a living laboratory for urban farming practices, but as an educational resource for children in Brooklyn public schools, as well as a source of locally grown, organic vegetables and a gathering place for community members to learn about agriculture.

The farm also serves as an example of how existing structures can be repurposed to promote eco-friendly practices like green roofs, urban beekeeping and composting of household organic waste. The photographic project “A Year At Rooftop Farms: putting the green back in Greenpoint” documents the 2010 calendar year at the farm through still photographs and an animated photo-based video, illustrating how locally based agriculture provides a tangible sense of community and a connection to the land.

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